0.11: trending games & what’s next

It has been nearly a month since our last blog post and it’s time to summarize the progress.

So we have released a new version, 0.11.x in 25 March — though had a few quirks which we decided to fix them and post about it later.

What’s new?

We achieved a pretty major milestone in our todo list. We do now have trending games feature.

With this update we calculate the delta changes between Twitch & Steam data updates which eventually allows us to render trending games based on viewers & players changes. Even better you can sort them by hour, day and month.

Similarly we have also added sorting based on percent viewers gained and percent players gained.

What’s next?

We have been already working on our next major update for last two weeks. This build will not have any features visible in frontend but will be focusing our backend.

As our project havely focuses on analytics & data-processing, the backend is one of the major key components of it.

Until now our backend was based on node.js and with the latest features & amount of data we process we are far behind what node.js is capable of.

So we have started porting our backend to dotnet core. Once we are done, we’ll be able to process more data with less resources — basically which we’ll allow us to implement more data sources like Playstation Network and Xbox Marketplace data.

Help us!

hypetraq has started as a toy project and now it has already grown beyond that. Although it still lacks our final list of features, we are slowly progressing.

If you like the idea, feel free to spread by word of mouth so that more gamers can meet it!