hypetraq — the introduction

hypetraq.com is yet another game statistics tracker which is still under development.

So what is it about?

hypetraq.com is our take on tracking, analyzing and measuring hype for games that we have been working for a while.

How it is different?

You may ask about how it is different than steamspy, steamcharts, steamdb. We can sum up the differences as;
  • First and foremost, hypetraq.com does not only track steam but also tracks other valuable data sources like twitch and google trends.
  • It does also aggregate data from public meta data sources like igdb and giantbomb.
  • Will be also tracking critics & review score data from steam reviews, opencritic and metacritic.
  • We have future plans for analyzing data from Playstation Network and Xbox Live.
So basically instead of collecting and rendering statistics from a single data source, hypetraq.com collects data from multiple sources and will aggregate a hype score.

Development status

Although the idea and proof-of-concept work has been like 3 years old, we have started working on the actual implementation in early 2018 and put our data collector & website live as of 21 June (though still lacks major functionality!).

What about the historic data?

Thankfully we have some methods to import historic data for twitch and steam data. As of right now we have already imported twitch’s historic data and just started working on steam’s historic data.

Current backlog

Here is a list of things that we still work these days;
  • Import live steam player. (working!)
  • Import live twitch data. (working!)
  • Import historic twitch data. (%100 done)
  • Import historic steam data. (%25 done)
  • Implement google trends data support. (initial work done)
  • Add statistics-buffer system and optimize the database and time-series code.
  • Improve the UI and game’s pages.
Future work
  • Add support for critics & reviews score support.
  • Aggregate hype scores.
How it works?
  • Check twitch for new games & import. Also commit twitch viewer statistics to our database.
  • Query steam games list and link the suitable ones with our records on database.
  • Query trends over google.
  • Query steam api for player counts — which is a complicated process as steam api is quite a good example for how to design a bad-practiced api.
  • Try to match the games on our database with giantbomb and igdb and fetch additional meta-data for games.
  • Query steam reviews, opencritic and metacritic for critics & reviews data.
  • Every while, run a special processor task that manages our time-series statistics database.
  • Eventually run another task to score the games and aggregate a hype-score.
How to help?

You can help by;
  • Designing a proper icon & logo :)
  • Sending your ideas & feedback!
Stay tuned with the blog as we’ll be frequently posting about the development process.