#StayHome #StaySafe #Game #Code

#StayHome #StaySafe #Game

As you know we are all having harsh times these days because of the corona-virus pandemic. Though it's a good time to deal with your game backlog these days.


Anyway, I was also able to find quite a time to continue working on the project and as you may remember the infamous infrastructure update is now done. As you may be aware I was working on porting the backend engine to a better dotnet core based version for a year and had been partially moving parts. Today marks the job done.

It took 155 commits for the backend engine and 221 commits for web-frontend to get the job done.

So the latest work has nothing visible yet on the site, but it allows me to iterate faster & develop new features as we have a rock-solid data analysis engine now. Yet again I've separated the web project from the backend.

The newly completed “hypeengine” backend now runs on dotnet core 3.1 featuring a hand-crafted layer of time-series & data analysis whereas the web-server still runs on node.js - both backed by MongoDB server.


  • Moved data analysis engine to dotnet core 3.1 based backend engine.
  • Yet again backend engine is now fully test-driven, hopefully, no more of those nifty bugs :)
  • Fixed a bug with web-frontend where the index page was having some cache misses that was resulting long wait times.

As you may be aware of I like to write technical blog posts about the project as in this one, but hopefully, within our next changelog posts, I'll be announcing new features. I already started working on them.


Expect new features and revamp of the game pages.

Yet again, the site started to get some real search & organic traffic, that's good news folk!

Remember to hop-in our discord server if you have suggestions or discuss anything else.

#StayHome, #StaySafe, #SpreadTheWord