Ball 3D: Soccer Online
Ball 3D: Soccer Online

Ball 3D: Soccer Online

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How many people play Ball 3D: Soccer Online? Ball 3D: Soccer Online has 408 players right now on Steam.
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408 -128 -23.9% 269 31 13% 269 32 13.5%


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Official Ball 3D Cups

Play in our official tournaments, compete with other players and win prizes. You can join to the competition on our discord: If you don't have a team yet, you can find it there too. We invite you to join our community, you can also meet Ball 3D admins there and the creator of the game itself. Let's chat and play together.

Ball 3D is changing

Ball 3D is a very unique game, it is a new genre. An entire new gameplay that none other game offered before. It is a unique soccer experience, it gives players full control over the ball. It is a game that is constantly updated since 2012. The game deserves more popularity than it has. In times when developers change the games from paid to free to bring more players, I decided to do the opposite. Ball 3D will no longer be free from 26.06.2020. The players who already own the game, will keep it ...

Fast Rooms Update

New rooms with the speed of the players increased from 3.0 to 4.0 have been added to Ball 3D! This is how I intended this game to work from the beginning, but for various reasons I was forced to decrease the speed just before realising the game 8 years ago. Now you will experience the real Ball 3D as I imagined it. This new mode is available on the FAST rooms, test it and let me know what you think, I will improve these new rooms in the upcoming weeks. The old slow rooms are still available as t...

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