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Beat Saber

Beat Saber

DataGain% ChangeDataGain% ChangeDataGain% Change
2k 281 16.2% 1.3k -145 -9.8% 1.5k -213 -12.7%
623 -151 -19.5% 415 -83 -16.7% 465 -81 -14.8%
68 1 1.5% 50 -8 -13.8% 56--
Beat Saber v1.12.2 Released

We just released a small hotfix addressing some issues we found in the game: Fixed an issue with room settings which caused notes to rotate incorrectly and walls to incorrectly collide with the player. Set max speed in Practice mode back to 200%. Fixed an issue with the rotation settings for the right saber. Fixed some text issues in Campaign screen. Fixed some rare issues in the Multiplayer lobby related to the UI disappea...

Beat Saber v1.12.1 With Multiplayer Released

Dear players, We're so excited to finally release multiplayer in our biggest update so far. Join private matches with your friends or jump into a public match with players from all around the world. Now you can also create and customize your avatar! What's part of this update? Added Online multiplayer mode (Quick play or Private server) New arena-like environment specially crafted for use in multiplayer Avatars with customi...


Hey players, Linkin Park Music Pack is out now! Grammy Award-winning band Linkin Park doesn't need a long introduction. Today, we're pleased to announce that Linkin Park Music Pack is our biggest music pack so far featuring the band's 11 biggest hits together with a custom new tunnel environment! Check the list of the songs we're launching today! Bleed It Out Breaking the Habit Faint Given Up In the End New Divide Numb One ...

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