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How many people watch Bless Unleashed? Bless Unleashed has 66 viewers and 16 channels right now on Twitch.
DataGain% ChangeDataGain% ChangeDataGain% Change
66 6 10% 66 -43 -39.4% 96 -35 -26.7%
16 3 23.1% 20 -7 -25.9% 24 -7 -22.6%


Latest news

[D-7] Improvements are coming

Drum roll... Starting 11/27, we will be discussing some of the specific changes based on your feedback that the team has planned for the next CBT and full PC launch so stay tuned and be ready! Discord: Twitter: Youtube: Facebook: Official Homepage: https://www.blessunleashedpc...

10th Dev's Discussion Response

Will Spanish be added as a language in the next service? Unfortunately, localization(Text, Voice) for Spain will not be supported. Is there any stance on multiboxing ? (Allowing 2 Bless Unleashed programs to run at the same time using different accounts) No, only 1 client of Bless Unleashed can be launched in 1 PC at the same time. Is it possible to add a South American server to the game? Currently, the NA, EU, and ASIA servers that opened during the Steam CBT are being prepared for in the Stea...

Winners for Steam CBT Video Contest

Thank you to all players who participated in the Steam CBT Video Contest. We received some awesome videos that depicts various scenes of Bless Unleashed. As difficult as it was to choose, 10 winners have been selected as mentioned before. Congratulations to all the winners, and please look forward to the next Video Contest if you weren't selected this time around! After this announcement, a friend request will be sent to the winners from our official Steam account in order to distribute the $50 ...

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