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Patch 2.1.6 (Community Feedback)


Update 2.1.1 patch notes

General changes The Fire Temple stage from The Trials is now selectable Tribalstack Tropics is now available in Competitive Mode with the side platforms removed. Fixed water not being visible in some stages on low quality settings The Drifter: Side Special &...

Brawlout 2.0 out now!

The Beheaded from Dead Cells joins the brawl! Wielding a vast array of weapons and gear voted on by YOU, THE COMMUNITY, get ready to stab, slash, whip, shield, hammer and set fire to your opponents! Neutral Special: Marksman's Bow “Slow, but devastating at long range.” Take aim at opponents from afar to keep them on their toes and snipe offstage opponents to close out stocks! ...

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