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How many people play Bug Fables? Bug Fables has 60 players right now on Steam.
DataGain% ChangeDataGain% ChangeDataGain% Change
60--99 26 35.6% 79 6 8.2%


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Nominate Bug Fables for the Labor of Love Award!

Hey everyone, thank you for all the feedback and anniversary wishes for Bug Fables 1.1! This game started as a love letter to all the RPGs that the team enjoyed. If you feel that way as well, please nominate us for the Labor of Love Award! - Moonsprout Games :)

Bug Fables 1.1 is now live!

Attention Insect Adventurer! You are not mistaken! You do not need to adjust your eyes! The much-anticipated Bug Fables Update 1.1 is now live across all platforms as a FREE download! All you have to do is update your version of the game on your platform of choice. Happy 1st Anniversary of Bug Fables! In our post, we posted a digest list of scrumptious additions coming to Bug Fables in 1.1, but this time, we’re posting the patch notes in their entirety for those of you who want to read them in t...

Bug Fables 1.1 Update Coming November 5th!

Bug Fables Update 1.1 is coming November 5th, 2020! Celebrate 1 year of Bug Fables this Nov. 5th with the free 1.1 update, coming to all platforms! Here are the biggest additions you can expect from 1.1. - Three new quests - New bosses - Quality of Life changes including improved sprinting, faster cooking, and the ability to purchase recipes - Other Mysterious additions We’ll be posting the full patch notes on the day the patch goes live! Stay tuned for more info on the new features! https://bug...

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