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How many people play CABAL Online? CABAL Online has 1 players right now on Steam.
How many people watch CABAL Online? CABAL Online has 255 viewers and 20 channels right now on Twitch.
DataGain% ChangeDataGain% ChangeDataGain% Change
1--1 -1 -50% 1--
255 -15 -5.6% 263 101 62.4% 154 -32 -17.2%
20 2 11.1% 19 6 46.2% 11 -1 -8.3%


Latest news

CABAL retiring from Steam Store

Greetings Nevarethians, We hope you have enjoyed playing CABAL Online on Steam! CABAL on Steam is currently only available for North American Server Atlas, so if you play on any other server this does not apply to you. The CABAL Steam Version will no longer work after July 15th maintenance. We will be retiring CABAL from the Steam Store on July 16th. In order to continue your CABAL journey, we recommend you download our proprietary game client to access CABAL. FAQ: How can I access the game with...

CABAL Anniversary Event

Happy Anniversary CABAL Online! In celebration of this special occasion, Yul is throwing an anniversary party! Help her bring some supplies and you will be rewarded with a great time and amazing gifts! Click here for more info!

CABLOG: Honor & Glory

Greetings Nevarethians, The most awaited Episode XVIII is finally here!! Is it everything you were expecting? We know it is! And we hope your Journey to Honor & Glory is going just according to plan with the events we crafted specially for you! We are pumped as this month is full of surprises, events and exciting adventures all over Nevareth! Whether you are looking to reach the most desired lvl. 200 or if you are a new hero wandering around Nevareth, we have a +3...

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