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How many people play Car Trader Simulator? Car Trader Simulator has 22 players right now on Steam.
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22 -14 -38.9% 29 -3 -9.4% 33 -11 -25%


Latest news

Car Trader Simulator - Update v0.9.7.7a

Hello Car Traders! Another day, another set of changes that we are implementing into the game after listening to many of your voices. We are more than thankful for your help and being alert - with every additional feedback we gather the game gets progressively better and that also means that you can have a better experience! But without further ado - these are the changes introduced in the new update: Minor bug fixes Increa...

Car Trader Simulator - Update v0.9.7.7

Hello Car Traders! We would like to say thank you for participating in our livestream and for giving us so much feedback during last 24 hours! As we listen to your opinions we try our best to fix everything that you suggested and we are happy to present you with some information regarding things that have changed in the last update. Fixed an issue where some missions were being skipped. Implemented translation corrections t...

Car Trader Simulator Early Access - Buy now for $9.99!

Hello Car Traders! Today is the day! We are happy to announce that Car Trader Simulator Early Access is available for all of you for $9.99! Get ready to build your own car trading empire! We are extremely pleased to announce that starting from today our Car Trader Simulator is available for all of you! It was a long journey up until this point and we would like to say thank you to all of you who have been involved in the pr...

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