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How many people play Code Vein? Code Vein has 1.4k players right now on Steam.
How many people watch Code Vein? Code Vein has 144 viewers and 27 channels right now on Twitch.
DataGain% ChangeDataGain% ChangeDataGain% Change
1.4k 19 1.4% 1.4k -239 -14.2% 1.6k 366 28.6%
144 -18 -11.1% 157 -2 -1.3% 137 42 44.2%
27 -12 -30.8% 40 7 21.2% 33 8 32%


Latest news

Patch Note Ver. 1.53

Fixed a bug in which ground effects continue in the following stages when you get back to regular ground. Flame ground with damage at “City of Falling Flame” Sand ground with slowness and leak at “Crown of Sand”

Bug Fix Update Ver. 1.52

The following update has been released for CODE VEIN: An issue has been fixed so that the “Radiant Barrel” Gift included in the Lord of Thunder DLC refers to the bayonet’s weapon performance to calculate the damage. (Same specification as the ”Fusillade Rondo” Gift)

Patch Notes 1.51

Patch Ver.1.51 was released to fix the following bug in CODE VEIN's Lord of Thunder DLC: Players who got “Asclepius's Vestige I” on Patch Ver.1.30, Ver.1.31 or Ver.1.40 are not able to get “Asclepius Vestige Part F” when defeating the Queen's Vanguard Puppet in Depths: Eternal Abyss, which causes the boss area to be unavailable. “Asclepius Vestige Part F” is now available to defeat the Queen's Vanguard Puppet again once Patch Ver.1.51 is installed. Fixed a bug in which specific effects of Boss: ...

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