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How many people play Craftopia? Craftopia has 438 players right now on Steam.
How many people watch Craftopia? Craftopia has 3 viewers and 3 channels right now on Twitch.
DataGain% ChangeDataGain% ChangeDataGain% Change
438--631 -61 -8.8% 716 -74 -9.4%
3--11--16 -20 -55.6%
3 1 50% 4--4 -1 -20%


Latest news

[Hotfix] 11/30 Update Patch v20201128.0016

Hello! We have fixed a bug that should be put into the stable version earlier, so we have updated it before the next stable release. Please note that the next update will not change on Tuesday, December 22. ◆ Functional improvement - Removed the feature for the dropper on a large cooking pot that drops crafted food (Revert to 11/7 update status) This feature will be supported at a later date by creating more flexible automation modules, etc. ◆ Bug fixes - Fixed a bug that prevented automatic fur...

The next major update will be available on Tuesday, December 22!

Hello! Thank you for playing Craftopia. We are sorry for last delayed release of stable version for few hours. Well, we'll inform you that the next update will be our first major update, the "Hell Update". The next update is scheduled for 2020/12/22(Tue) 00:00 JST. (The schedule may be late a bit. We'll let you know when it happens.) It includes... New Age, New 4+ skills, New 2+ Bosses, New Map "Hell", "Toxic Swamp", Collection system, Weapon refining, Others (We will also be implementing a new ...

11/26 Update Patch v20201126.0026

◆ Critical bug fixes and improvements - The change of Tumble • The name of the skill Tumble is changed to Dodge Action. • Basic Tier 1 now only contains Dodge Action. • Dodge Action is no longer available for Equipment Skill. The following equipment will have different Equipment Passive Skills from this patch: Cape, Horse Mask, Boar Mask, Fox Mask of Trial. • Due to this change, you'll be able to reset your skill tree once for free. - The maximum stack is changed from 99 to 100. It'll be way mor...

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