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How many people play Crossroads Inn? Crossroads Inn has 120 players right now on Steam.
DataGain% ChangeDataGain% ChangeDataGain% Change
120 8 7.1% 88 -20 -18.5% 112 6 5.7%


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Patch 3.0.3

Innkeepers all around Delcrys! We are constantly working to improve our game, be it Anniversary Edition or not:) Patch 3.0.3 is here! - Fixed difficult placement for multiple objects; using left CTRL shouldn't now be required - Disabling DLC content no longer causes a crash during interaction on old saves - Brewing can now be stopped - Fixed overextended use of Mugs by the staff; however please remember that it is still required to store dirty Mugs before washing them - The animation of bubbles ...

The Amazing American Circus announced!

Klabater, a developer of Crossroads Inn, and Juggler Games - studio behind My Memory of Us, have announced their new collaborative production - The Amazing American Circus. The game is set to be released on PC and consoles in 2021. Watch the announcement teaser trailer: Check Steam Card:

New 3.0.1 Patch & and an interview with artist Alina Lesnik

Hi all! We all know that beginnings are the hardest. When it comes to Crossroads Inn Anniversary Edition we aim to lessen the burden. Firstly due to huge changes in Performance, UI, and Pathfinding but the most important factor is your feedback! Thanks to you we are able to deliver the first patch with fixes when not even 24h have passed since the release and we are still on track to provide you with more minor improvements! As a Community, your voice is the most important and your feedback is i...

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