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A28 Patch #2 + Complete A28 Patch Notes

Greetings, survivors! A28 Update turned up great without any major issues, but there are few things we wanted to fix and improve. Additionally, if you have missed A28 patch notes, they are posted below! === CryoFall v0.28.5.4 (A28 Patch #2) === Changes: - It's no longer possible to place structures close to the event objects such as space debris and asteroids (some players placed walls to prevent other players from interacting with such objects). - PvE: increased construction restriction area si...

A28 "Justice" Update Release

We are happy to announce that the A28 "Justice" Update is now live! This time it is not our usual huge content release, but rather an equally important technical update. Those of you who play on PvP servers didn't like that certain mods offered certain advantages to its users, so in order to improve the balance for PvP players, we have introduced several changes to the game that remove any possibility to gain an unfair adva...

A27 PvP Server Hotfix (v0.27.7.35)

=== CryoFall v0.27.7.35 (A27 PvP Server Hotfix) === Changes: - PvP: fixed an exploit when it was possible to work around the oil/Li extractor placement restrictions and place them close to each other in PvP (there was a bug with placement checker when relocating an oil/Li extractor by 1 tile at a time). - Food such as bread will no longer provide small healing effect (1 HP) as some players started eating dozens of them at once to heal quickly and it's an obvious advantage in PvP for players that...

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