Dark Deception
Dark Deception

Dark Deception

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70 -4 -5.4% 111 -14 -11.2% 89 10 12.7%
22 -28 -56% 92 70 318.2% 51 7 15.9%
3 1 50% 2--3--
1.6.0 | Language and Difficulty Update.

Hey everyone! We have just pushed a patch that includes new languages and difficulty adjustments. School will now be quite a bit harder! Malak's Phantom Form has also been buffed globally. The languages (and their respective contributors) included in this update are: German - Max Gehre Russian - Anna Funtime Chinese Traditional - Pen Livings Chinese Simplified - Pen Livings French - Louis Bresson Spanish - Juan Ribera Portuguese - Joao Victor Trajano Soledade Polish - Kacper Korbut Italian - Enr...

1.5.2 | Update

Hey everyone! The past few days Vince and I have been working on fixing the most important bugs still left from the launch of Chapter 3. Thank you all for the feedback and bug hunting! Here are the most important fixes/changes: Teleport Exploits There has been many people using the teleport power to try and get out of bounds in both the Sewer and Circus. I have tried fixing the most important and game-breaking teleport exploits, but because of the unpredictable nature of DD players as well as th...

Chapter 3 Launch Day

The wait is finally over! Chapter 3 will be out on June 24th at 8PM PST (midnight EST). Get ready to run for your life from dread duckies & clown gremlins! As usual, we will continue to improve the chapter even after release based on feedback we receive from our community. In addition, we will also be expanding our available languages after launch - adding simplified & traditional Chinese. Japanese & Korean are next after that. Once again, thanks for supporting our spoopy little horror game and ...

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