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DayZ Update 1.09

Bohemia Interactive is happy to announce that Game Update 1.09 has arrived on all platforms (08/09/2020). It brings a lot of bug-fixes and also interesting new stuff. The long-awaited Revolver is making its return! This very cool looking gun is chambered with six rounds of the strong .357 ammo within an internal rotating cylinder. In addition to this, we’re also adding one more brand new gun to DayZ - the Deagle. This beast of a pistol is available in silver and rare gold variants, features a ni...

DayZ Update 1.08

Bohemia Interactive has added a new hunting rifle: the "Sporter 22". The rifle uses .22 ammunition (added to the game via the 1.05 update last year), comes with various magazines, and has the ability to mount a hunting scope. And speaking of long-range engagements, the Sway and Hold Breath mechanics have been adjusted, which should make distance shooting a bit easier. New base building improvements focus on the balance-of-destruction of various structures, such as fences, watchtowers, and tent o...

Enjoy DayZ for FREE

Hi Survivors, Today we are happy to announce the upcoming DayZ Free Weekend! The event starts at 10 am PST on May 21st and will end at 10 am PST on May 25th. To play DayZ for free, simply visit the store page, install the game and play. That’s for the easy part. Survival is going to be much more challenging… For those who fall in love with the beautiful and unforgiving Chernarus, there is up to a 40% discount on the base game. Livonia DLC, is not part of the free weekend but will be available th...

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