Deathbloom: Chapter 1
Deathbloom: Chapter 1

Deathbloom: Chapter 1

Steam Achievements added

Steam Achievements have been added to Deathbloom: Chapter 1 (a small Halloween update)

Audio Patch + Minor Details

In anticipation of Deathbloom: Chapter 2 releasing soon I've made a few updates around audio and minor details in the level designs. Nothing too major but wanted these to be updated as I've had some player feedback on them! All the best, VL

Halloween Update (Lots added!)

A new update is now available for Deathbloom: Chapter 1, the focus is now primarily on Chapter 2 (well into production with influence from player feedback and ideas). The key features of this update: Enhanced Map: Explore the world with more confidence A "Last Known Position" marker has been added to all rooms on every level to help navigate the expansive Bachman Manor Estate. More notes and "Map Updates" have also been added so the player can focus more on the game and less on figuring out wher...

Update 03

Hello all, Some more updates has been added to Deathbloom: Chapter 1 Gameplay New level added: Christina's Nightmare Removed Motion Blur Headbob movement decreased on walking and running Boss Fight: Escape timer is lower More AutoSaves added More “Map Updated” prompts Updated controls in "View Controls" option Cleaner weapon switching with SFX Overall increase in FPS (Frames Per Second) Optimization Exceptionally high texture resolutions lowered Better LODs on GameObjects Less bulky Particle Sys...

Update 02

Hello all, A big round of updates has been added to Deathbloom: Chapter 1 Gameplay More map notes to help guide the player More hidden supplies to encourage exploration More in-game prompts to explain the mechanics of the game More cryptic letters revealing the story of Bachman Manor Revised SFX and more audio tracks New weapon added (in a secret place) Technical Fixed early game save/load bugs Better Ai navigation and collisions in confined spaces Modified LOD on objects and fixed abnormalities...

Update 01

Hello all, A few folks have been noticing small bugs and typos (too much late night writing) so the latest update fixes those and also adds more navigation through letters and candles to help those who have been getting a bit lost in the manor. Thank you for submitting your comments and questions, I will continue with updates until Deathbloom is as polished as it can be! As always, I am available through [email protected] - Vincent Lade