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How many people play Democracy 4? Democracy 4 has 71 players right now on Steam.
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71 11 18.3% 95 -8 -7.8% 100 -1 -1%


Latest news

Updated to 1.14 Retirement Age, Balance & Performance Improvements

Full list of changes: Added new policy: Retirement Age. Donors will now quit if you implement a policy suggestion of theirs but later cancel it. Food Banks, Homelessness and Cyclones are now more easily triggered. Lots of adjustments to events to make rare events happen more often, and prevent the same ones happening too often. Cancelling a policy you pledged to cut now counts as a pledge honored, and vice versa. The political compass on main menu now has an option to show you this months averag...

Added Australia! plus numerous improvements

Full list of changes in build 1.132 ========================= Added new country: Australia! Faith School Subsidies now reduce teacher shortages situation. Speech animation now affected by UI animation speed slider. Hospital overcrowding slightly harder to trigger. Fixed bug where initial donors and ministers only had sympathy to the same 4 groups. Fixed glitch on assassination screen where icon backgrounds could be corrupted. Fixed bug where reshuffling a minister back into a different job could...

Updated to build 1.130

Changes: Fixed bug where the campaigning ability indicator was missing on the minister details screen. Added new search bar for icons on the main screen triggered from new button at the top. Fixed anomaly where the back button did not launch the political capital spending confirmation on the policy screen. Added totally new voter analysis screen at the end of an election. Changed the way voters pick parties which should fix coalitions being so rare. Fixed crash bug when hitting the escape key wh...

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