Dying Light
Dying Light

Dying Light

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6.3k 376 6.3% 4.8k 94 2% 4.1k -679 -14.2%
160 35 28% 221 62 39% 241 -29 -10.7%
27 -7 -20.6% 45 14 45.2% 41 -10 -19.6%
Fight for a safer future with Volkan Combat Armor Bundle

At Volkan Corporation, we’ve dedicated all of our resources to turning a dream of a safer future into reality. The latest creations of our Hi-Tech Weapons Division will turn you into an elite soldier of tomorrow, capable of neutralizing any threat with unprecedented efficiency. At the heart of the Volkan Combat Armor Bundle lies the greatest achievement of our talented engineers – the Volkan Combat Assault Rifle. Designed ba...

Dying Light - Hellraid: Lord Hector's Demise

Dear Hellraid adventurers, The first update to our latest Dying Light DLC is coming out on PC on September 30. A month later, it will be available on consoles. As you know, releasing updates on consoles takes much more time, though we’re working on delivering the content to all platforms simultaneously in the future. This update is just the beginning. According to our original vision, we’re going to continue adding new conte...

The RU Dying Light stream is coming!

This time, Vlad is going to control the Night Hunter, playing the Be The Zombie mode in Dying Light. He will hunt for human survivors - our Russian moderators from Discord. The boys will do everything to entertain you and answer your questions. Good night. Good luck. Date: September 24th, 2020. Time: 7:00 PM CEST / 10:00 AM PDT You will be able to watch the stream here: VK: vk.com/dyinglightgame Twitch: twitch.tv/techland

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