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11/6 Hotfix

Patch Notes: 11/6 Hotfix Today’s Patch contains a handful of fixes for content, achievements, and corrected an issue that made Grand Suppressor, well, too grand. Now it should suppress the right amount. As always, we appreciate your feedback and support as we continue developing and refining Eternal Card Game. If you encounter an issue or need help, please drop us a line at [email protected] so we can see what’s u...

Bastion Rising is now available!

23 new Expedition-legal cards come to Eternal® in Bastion Rising! Your adventure in the tower-city of Bastion! Learn more

11/3 Balance Changes

With the conclusion of Eternal® Celebration came the Last Chance Qualifier for the 2020 Eternal World Championship, and while we saw a very diverse Throne field (congrats again to Doc28 for taking it down!), we feel it’s a great time for the next chapter of the format. To open up space for the Throne format to continue to evolve, we’re making four straight-forward cost changes to the following cards: Nerfs Severin of the Da...

New Promo: Celebration!

Grab a free copy of the new promo card with your first PVP win each day!

Bastion Rising

On Wednesday, November 4th, 23 new Expedition-legal cards come to Eternal® in the Bastion Rising Bundle! Pre-orders begin Monday! Learn more!

Eternal Celebration: Tricky Treats Heroic Event!

The nightmare threat may have been turned away in Argenport, but there’s still plenty of spookiness up in Myria! The Tricky Treats Heroic Event runs October 23 – 26 as part of the Eternal Celebration where you can play with every card in the game for FREE! Choose your Hero and Singleton deck that shares their factions. Pale Riders will appear on turns 7 and 13 to help spur you on to victory. Don’t forget: as part of the Ete...

Eternal Celebration

During the Eternal Celebration, every player will be fully stocked with 4 copies of every card ever released! Eternal®’s fourth birthday is right around the corner and we’re starting the parteee early with a weeklong celebration in the run up to the $50,000 Eternal World Championship! From October 23 to November 1, the Eternal Celebration is blowing the saloon doors off with events, cards, and cosmetics! There will be more ...

Eternal Summer Championships!

The Eternal Summer Championships have been announced! Throne: 9/19 & 9/20 Expedition: 9/26 & 9/27 Two seats for Worlds are up for grabs as the top players of the season square off!

New Campaign: Awakening

The nightmare’s voice fills me as I fall into shadow. Grey shapes slip past my eyes, a lifetime of broken promises ringing in my ears. I knew – I always knew – that this city is not mine. These people are not mine. And I will never be theirs. At the center of it: the Throne sits silent, ancient. Waiting for me to awaken. To see the world as it is. I awaken to the sound of my mother, shouting my name. Experience twenty-one n...

2020 Eternal Draft Championship!

The 2020 Eternal Draft Championship Qualifiers start on Saturday, August 29 at 9am MDT (15:00 UTC) and run until Saturday, August 29 at 9pm MDT (3:00 UTC) Get all of the details here!

8/10 Balance Changes, and Draft & Expedition Update

Balance Changes are coming to Eternal on Monday, August 10th, along with some new cards in Expedition and Draft! Check out the list of nerfs, buffs, and changes here!

Chapter 45: The Festival of Inspiration

Argenport readies for Kaleb’s coronation as Caiphus puts his plans into motion in Eternal Chapter 45: The Festival of Inspiration!

New Sealed League: The Festival of Inspiration

Eternal's next Sealed League starts Saturday, August 1st! What decks will your sealed pool inspire you to build?

New Events: Summer Ranked Challenges!

As the summer heats up, so does the competition! The Expedition Summer Challenge starts this Friday, July 31st, followed by the Throne Summer Challenge next Friday! Now is your chance to earn some QCP and hone your skills ahead of the Summer Championships!

7/29 Balance Changes

7/29 Balance Changes This live balance announcement is sooner than the originally planned middle of August patch; but when such a clear need for change arises as is the case with Rakano in Expedition (a strategy players have tuned to impressively high levels of performance, to the point of being extremely format-warping), our priority is to take action and address player concerns as quickly as we can. These changes will be ...