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Far Cry 5 - quick facts

How many people play Far Cry 5? Far Cry 5 has 5.4k players right now on Steam.
How many people watch Far Cry 5? Far Cry 5 has 36 viewers and 12 channels right now on Twitch.
DataGain% ChangeDataGain% ChangeDataGain% Change
5.4k 552 11.3% 4.8k -1.1k -18.5% 5.5k 1.4k 34.4%
36 -31 -46.3% 74 -101 -57.7% 152 -56 -26.9%
12 -2 -14.3% 28 -2 -6.7% 29 2 7.4%


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Exclusive Far Cry New Dawn Items for Far Cry 5 Players

Far Cry New Dawn, the latest entry in the long-running series and the narrative follow-up to Far Cry 5, is only weeks away. And there are some special treats waiting for returning players in our new game! If you have Far Cry 5 registered to your Ubisoft account, then you can earn exclusive items in Far Cry New Dawn: one special outfit and one special weapon skin! ROOKIE OUTFIT All you need is to have finished Far Cry 5's introduction by activating the radio tower ...

Far Cry New Dawn: 6 Minutes of New Gameplay - IGN

Watch 6 minutes of Far Cry New Dawn gameplay with IGN First! https://www.ign.com/videos/2018/12/12/far-cry-new-dawn-6-minutes-of-gameplay-featuring-pastor-jerome-ign-first

Far Cry Game Awards 2018 Teaser Trailer

https://youtu.be/KKseXjx_668 Tune in for a worldwide reveal at the Game Awards on December 6, at 5:30PM PST/8:30PM EST! https://www.youtube.com/thegameawards

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