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Patch #1 available for download!

After the latest hotfixes, we just released our first bigger patch for Firefighting Simulator – The Squad. The update introduces the option to adjust the game controller sensitivity settings, an option to invert the Y-axis, and a number of additional fixes as well as multiplayer and general game improvements. Patchnotes: Patch #1 Settings New: Controls: New options within the settings to adjust controller sensitivity and inverting the Y-axis New: Controls: Button assignment for Showing Objective...

Hotfix #3 available for download!

We just released the next hotfix for Firefighting Simulator – The Squad. It includes some fixes for the AI teammates which caused FPS drops during the missions for a number of players. Patchnotes: Hotfix #3 Performance: AI fixes to improve performance and solve lag issues. Language: Some smaller improvements for Korean language settings. Performance tip: The game’s “Global Illumination” graphics setting is an experimental feature and is meant for high-performance PCs. It lowers the FPS rate dras...

Hotfix #2 available for download

We just released our latest update for Firefighting Simulator – The Squad. This update includes a fix for the issues some players experienced in the main menu while a game controller or steering wheel was plugged-in as well as some other fixes and improvements. Patchnotes: Hotfix #2 General: Fixed the “disappearing mouse cursor”-bug in the main menu that appeared for some players when using additional input devices (e.g. controller, steering wheels...) Input / UI: Extended the controller support...

Firefighting Simulator - The Squad - Now available with a red-hot start discount

According to the motto "UNITED AGAINST FIRE“, we are happy to announce the official release of our exciting simulation game Firefighting Simulator – The Squad today. The game is now available as a digital download here on Steam - during the release week with a whopping red-hot start discount of 20 percent!

Firefighting Simulator - The Squad | Livestream with Developer

Dear Firefighter, Tune in today and join the developers of Firefighting Simulator – The Squad as they celebrate the release of the game with a multiplayer session. We will also have enough time to answer your questions. The livestream will be available in English here on the Store Page starting at: 6 PM CET 5 PM BST 12 PM EST 9 AM PST 2 AM JST (Nov 18) 4 AM AEDT (Nov 18) Your Firefighting Simulator Squad

Firefighting Simulator – The Squad - Release date: Nov. 17th, 2020

Good news! We are happy to announce the release date of our exciting simulation game Firefighting Simulator – The Squad today. The game will come out in form of a digital download on Steam on November 17th, 2020. In Firefighting Simulator – The Squad you will get the opportunity to form a team of firefighters with up to 3 other players or AI colleagues and cooperate to fight different kinds of realistic fires in a large US city. We hope you are looking forward to them, as much as we do! https://...