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0.998 - More Fixes

Welcome to the world of bug(fixe)s: Sometimes , after several turns, beasts positions desynchronizing between clients - Reduced by around 50%. Buffy Compote skill was active until the end of the turn in which it's owner picked up a potion (instead of deactivating with first potion picked) - Fixed. Game sometimes freezing on beasts dying from Babowacky's Poisonous Aura skill - Fixed. When gaining a new ghost, notification wa...

Update 0.998 - Hotfix

Hot bugs, i mean fixes: Game sometimes freezing when the move is about to happen (exactly when some non-player beast was about to drink the Pumkin Sauce ;]) - Fixed. Game not loading player save (for some people), looking as if the progression was wiped - Fixed. Fullscreen resolution problems: ocassional stretching on alt+TAB, blinking screen on resolution change, and changing resolution during match creating some wierd art...

Update 0.998 - A Spooky Night (event)

Hello there good people, I'm super excited about this update so let me announce: A SPOOKY NIGHT event! There are new beasts to play, new neutral, new ghost, new rainy arena setup and some serious optimization/bugfixin'. Oh, and there is a 25% discount during The Steam Halloween Sale. Let us dive into details! New Event: Featuring new neutral beast: Vam...

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