Hearts of Iron IV
Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron IV

DataGain% ChangeDataGain% ChangeDataGain% Change
12k 714 6.3% 13.9k -6.6k -32.1% 20.8k -1.8k -7.9%
49 1 2.1% 6.2k 2.1k 50.1% 2.6k 1.6k 174.7%
8--14 -9 -39.1% 21 -3 -12.5%
Dev Diary: Telemetry

Hello all, and welcome back to another DevDiary! Last week, we released Battle for the Bosporus (some of you may remember it). Given that we took the number 1 top-seller spot on steam within an hour of launch, and without pre-orders, I daresay that the idea of a country pack has been a success. Now, let’s look at some Telemetry we got from the first couple of days after release! For starters, we are seeing a big increase in people playing the new countries that is not at all surprising. After re...

Battle for the Bosporus: Available Now

Steer Your Path Through Dangerous Waters in Battle for the Bosporus STOCKHOLM - 15 October 2020 - The fascist powers are to the west. The Russian bear to the north. And the coasts of Egypt and the Levant belong to France and Britain. The independent nations of the eastern Mediterranean live in a dangerous neighborhood . What can Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey do to secure their own safety while the world around them is at war? Seize the reins of power in Hearts of Iron IV: Battle for the Bosporus, ...

1.10 'Collie' Update - Changelog

Hello everyone! Release 1.10.1 "Collie" is now live with its new features and bugfixes. The patch should be downloading through Steam as we speak. The expected checksum is dd56. If you wonder if you missed patch 1.10.0, don't worry, you didn't! It was only released internally and to our beta testers, but the timetable allowed us to skip ahead and go live with 1.10.1 directly which includes a few fixes for issues found during beta. Please note that 1.10 will not be save game compatible with 1.9.3...

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