Hellish Quart
Hellish Quart

Hellish Quart

Thank you for playing the pre-Early Access Demo!

Steam Game Festival Autumn Edition ended today, thank you for playing the pre-Early Access Demo of Hellish Quart. We will now focus on bringing the game to Early Access release - with new characters, weapons, mechanics, levels, game features, music and the same brutal, fast but way deeper combat system. Please write about your experiences in the demo here and help us create an even better fencing game: https://steamcommunity.com/app/1000360/discussions/0/2975149180226014445/ Please don't forget ...

Play the DEMO!

Play the pre-Early Access demo of Hellish Quart for a limited time! The demo will be available Oct 5, 2020 @ 9:00am PDT and will be playable through whole Steam Game Festival Autumn Edition. This is a yet very early stage of the development, as it is not even Early Access yet, but we want You to experience duelling in Hellish Quart right now! Be sure to add the full game to your Steam Wishlist to get a notification when the full game will come out in Early Access, and be a part of the developmen...

Developer Live-Stream

Join us at Steam Game Festival! We'll be streaming duels, talk abut the game, mechanics, mocap, future plans for new characters, custmization and more! Play out pre-Early Access DEMO during the festival and feel the thrill of sharp sabers duels!

Hellish Quart at PAX X EGX in just a few hours!

Hellish Quart will be at PAX X EGX event with Fundacja Indie Games Polska. The event starts in few hours. Check us out on the virtual show floor at paxegx.com. #PAXOnline #EGXDigital