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6 2 50% 3 1 50% 4 -8 -66.7%
2 1 100% 1--1--
HellSign v1.0.2.6 Update

Greetings hunters, We are pleased to announce 3 new tools, a new enemy, and some extra goodies! Carving Knife The new carving knife tool is used to extract certain cryptids parts, perfect for sweeping jobs. Also all crafting recipes have been revised to use cryptid parts & evidence. Dead Man’s Map A tool that doubles up for navigation & sign finding, uses corpses/bonepiles as reference points. Also useful for finding those quickly to work in conjunction with blacklight. RX-20 Shotgun Mic Detects...

HellSign v1.0.2.5 Update

Greetings hunters, With the reworked gadget system & forest out, we could finally resume working on the gadgets as planned. This update offers numerous gadget improvements, optimization, and more! Gadget Improvements The various improvements encourage more varied gadgets use. For example gadgets rely more on the environment now (e.g. thermal gives readings from fog & tendrils, blacklight investigates bone piles for trails, etc..), they no longer use battery for sign scanning, gadgets give differ...

HellSign v1.0.2.4 Update

Greetings hunters, We are proud to introduce scouting 2 and hunting support for the forest map! Since forests don’t have electrical boxes and gas canisters lying around, the trap jury rigging UI had to be redesigned using the reserved icon in the player's inventory. Improvements • Added scouting2 & hunting support for forest level • Added lightning strike shadowbeast encounter for forest • Added shadow fog shadowbeast encounter for forest • Added burrower enemy for forest • Removed boss fights t...

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