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Human: Fall Flat - quick facts

How many people play Human: Fall Flat? Human: Fall Flat has 4.9k players right now on Steam.
How many people watch Human: Fall Flat? Human: Fall Flat has 35 viewers and 9 channels right now on Twitch.
DataGain% ChangeDataGain% ChangeDataGain% Change
4.9k--3.5k -1.5k -30.5% 4.9k -846 -14.7%
35--124 -107 -46.3% 571 -18 -3.1%
9 -1 -10% 24 -2 -7.7% 26 -3 -10.3%


Latest news

New free level alert! 'City' is out now on Steam

From Gotcha, creator of the amazing ‘Factory’ level, comes new level 'City' out now! The industrious and puzzle-packed level 'Factory' was one of the biggest highlights of our first ever Workshop competition back in 2019. In fact, its creator did such a fantastic job that we asked him to make us another level! Thanks a lot, Gotcha! New level 'City' is an urban dreamscape packed with futuristic new sporting challenges. Humans can partake in hilarious versions of bowling, crossbows and basketball ...

Our 'Great Outdoors' Workshop Comp is over!

We've been very busy here at Human HQ! With our Fantastic Machines and Lunar Lobby Workshop competitions now closed, and our brand new Skin Competition still alive and kicking, we've never been so inundated with wonderful new levels and creations to explore. Our 'Great Outdoors' Workshop Competition closed back in June, which asked players to create their very own outdoor level adventures. We've spent the last few months playing through each and every entry to decide who should be crowned our Wo...

The Human: Fall Flat Skin Competition is here

Hello Humans! Human: Fall Flat fans are a creative bunch - it's been clear to us since we rolled out our first Workshop Competition last year. However, creativity comes in many forms and crafting a level like Thermal, Factory or Golf won't get everyone's creative juices flowing. Some prefer to express themselves through painting, drawing or even fashion design and our very next competition channels all these potential outlets for creativity into our very own Human: Fall Flat Skin Competition spo...

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