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How many people play In Silence? In Silence has 268 players right now on Steam.
How many people watch In Silence? In Silence has 69 viewers and 11 channels right now on Twitch.
DataGain% ChangeDataGain% ChangeDataGain% Change
268 26 10.7% 336 -57 -14.5% 456 -130 -22.2%
69 35 102.9% 148 -2.5k -94.4% 884 391 79.3%
11 4 57.1% 16 -2 -11.1% 19 -8 -29.6%


Latest news

Patch Notes v0.50

Hey everyone, * Removed Halloween event but fireworks will continue to stay in the game. * Better graphical optimization * A few bugs fixed Stay Healthy

Halloween Update

Hey everyone, we were working on Halloween update and added a few new mechanics. You should check it :) * Firework and mini-missile items added. * Witch added. * New character skins added. * New Halloween atmosphere. * New rat skin. * A few little bugs fixed. * Rake's blur amount decreased. * New flashbang effect added. * Localization bugs fixed. Happy Halloween Stay Healthy

Patch Notes v0.40

Patch Notes v0.40 We are listening to you and trying to improve gameplay. We hope you will like the new mechanics. * If the player count is more than 3, one of the survivors will be a "Guide" and lead the other survivors. "Guide" has a map system like rat * You don't need to click mouse buttons to rotate the truck camera. * When the Rake is stunned by a flashbang, it will not be able to see the radar for a few seconds. * Some environment collision bugs have been fixed. * Car repair time has been...

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