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How many people play King of Retail? King of Retail has 26 players right now on Steam.
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VOTE for King of Retail in the 2020 Steam Awards!

Dear Retailers! The 2020 Steam Awards have arrived! And while I think there are a few awards that fit well with King Of Retail, we are only eligible for one of them. That's fine, though, because I think this award fits the game best! And that is the Labor of Love category! There are many words that can describe my feelings regarding the development of King of Retail, but I think the main one would be: love. Having spent quite some time being a store manager in real life, trying to create a game ...

Letter to our retailers (11)

Dear Retailers! It has been 2 weeks since the release of the last update, and it is time to let you know a bit about what i have been working on, and tell you what you can expect in the next update. --- Custom Currencies --- Many of you have commented that prices are too hign in general, and that you would like to see them regulated. However it doesn't state anywhere in the game what the currency is, but from what i can tell, you mentally translate them into your local currencies, which in hinds...

Update v.0.10.3: Give me my tablet!

Dear Retailers, The latest version is now live! Initially, this update only included new tablets. However, along the way a bit more stuff has been added. This combined with the new partnership with Iceberg Interactive, the brand new publishers of the game, has resulted in a longer development period than originally intended. Let’s have a look at the new content: --- Tablets --- As mentioned, tablets have been added to the game. More precisely, 60 of them. Tablets are part of the Mobile Devices c...

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