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How many people play Lords Mobile? Lords Mobile has 4.1k players right now on Steam.
DataGain% ChangeDataGain% ChangeDataGain% Change
4.1k--3.2k -177 -5.3% 3.4k -169 -4.8%


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Are you ready for the BIGGEST RALLY EVER this Thanksgiving?!

It's a Thanksgiving feast with awesome gifts for everyone! Join the largest rally in Lords Mobile history! https://lordsmobile.igg.com/project/rally_on/ Event Prizes: ☆ Prize for joining a rally: Random Relocator *1, Quest Scroll (Admin) *1 ☆ Prize for sharing: Speed Up Training (60 m) *4, 600 Gems ☆ Prize for reaching 250K participants: Shield (24 h) *1, Quest Scroll (Guild) *1 ☆ Prize for reaching 500K participants: Anti-...

11/02 Update Note

Update Note: Happy Thanksgiving! Tis the season to give thanks to those who have supported us, both old and new! # New Thanksgiving event soon! (Check in-game for more details) # New event: We're welcoming back inactive players with homecoming gifts, special login prizes, and a 3-day Shield! Enjoy various boosts (construction, research, healing, merging, travel speed, etc.) to rebuild your empire! # Added to Account Setting...

New Monster - Hootclaw

The Hootclaw is a horrifying beast that targets the hero with the most HP remaining. Its massive wingspan lets it attack from long range. Bring healers and magic-users to ruffle its feathers!

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