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Mortal Kombat 11

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1.1k -93 -7.7% 1.3k -317 -19.6% 1.7k 6 0.4%
885 7 0.8% 1.2k 179 17.5% 1.4k 148 12.3%
83 -12 -12.6% 109 36 49.3% 79 4 5.3%
[10/21/2020] PC Patch Notes

Hello all, Here are the patch notes for yesterday's PC patch. General Gameplay Adjustments · King of the Hill mode now correctly creates and populates lobbies · All progression in the Krypt is reflected in the Kombat Kard Offline History's stats. · Kitana's Fan Toss' projectile drops on the floor after hitting opponent. · Added Kombat League 15 previews · Minor input adjustments and fixes for Keyboard and Mouse. · Localization update

[9/29/20] PC Patch Notes

Hello all, Here are the PC Patch notes for today's patch! Character Skin Pack Update All Hallow’s Eve Skin Pack release, including Halloween inspired skins – “Beast Within” Johnny Cage, “Blizzard King” Sub-Zero and “Bad Medicine” D’Vorah. Available for Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath owners. General Gameplay Adjustments Fixed an issue with Co-Op Towers where only 2 players could join the lobby Fixed an issue with the Mouse cursor still being present in Photo Mode after toggling off UI Fixed an issue ...

[9/15/20] PC Patch Notes

Hello all, Here are the notes for today's PC Patch. General Gameplay Adjustments Post-Match Menu can now be properly navigated with a mouse even if Screen Adjust is not set to 100. Fixed an issue where Mouse cursor would appear locked if Player 1 opened the Options Menu before Player 2 finalized their selection. Fixed an issue where the Reward Menu would appear to be cut off in Screen Adjust was set to a low value. Fixed an issue where the user could not ‘Equip Skin’ with a Mouse click. The user...

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