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NHL 20

NHL 20

NHL 20 - quick facts

How many people play NHL 20? NHL 20 has 34 players right now on Steam.
How many people watch NHL 20? NHL 20 has 305 viewers and 2 channels right now on Twitch.
DataGain% ChangeDataGain% ChangeDataGain% Change
34--28 1 3.7% 29 -2 -6.4%
305 76 33.2% 95 -46 -32.6% 131 -5 -3.7%
2--3--2 -1 -33.3%


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A recipe overview for The Builder

We're currently working on a visual overview of the perks a good Builder can provide to the team and how to obtain them. Please keep in mind that it will be subject to tweaks/changes for balancing or additions, but at it's current status, this is the current recipe overview for what the Builder can concoct and how. We hope this is helpful for our current players and new ones!

Dwarfheim v0.10.2.7

Hello everyone! Ah, ah oow, OUCH! Careful with this...it's hot. While we continue to work on some of the awesome big stuff, here are some of the smaller things we've prepared for our latest hotfix: HOTFIX 12 NewDisabled matchmaking for Survival, Sandbox and Skirmish modes. You may play these modes by setting up a premade team of one, two or three players. Nubbs farm animation Tutorial infinite ping fix Reset player Rank in preparation of Ranked Balance Removed stone cost from wooden wall, again....

DwarfHeim's First Roadmap Patch

Hello Everyone! We're proud to be bale to confirm that our first official DwarfHeim Road-Map patch is now LIVE! This is our biggest content update so far! But by no means does that mean we're taking our foot off the pedal, we're already planning the next batch of content that will be coming soon. Trust us, it's a doozy! :D This is what we've done in our first major content patch: Life Improvements Recipe list - we’ve implementing assets that will clarify the recipe ingredients to make the resour...

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