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1.7k--2.4k -381 -13.9% 2.9k -737 -20.3%
1k -155 -12.9% 1.6k -271 -14.4% 2k -1.4k -41.4%
23 2 9.5% 33 -9 -21.4% 43 -4 -8.5%
Noita 1.0 - HOTFIXES - Oct 22 2020

Noita 1.0 HOTFIXES coming in hot. We've managed to fix the most severe bugs, so you're getting a few not so critical fixes with this one. Also just as a warning, if you're doing an extremely long run in Noita, you might want to turn off Steam Cloud sync. Noita might crash Steam if your save file exceeds the megabyte limits of what Steam Cloud supports. HOTFIXES - Oct 22 2020 FEATURE: Steam Cloud on/off option UPDATE: More ...

Noita 1.0 - HOTFIXES - Oct 20 2020

Daily Noita 1.0 HOTFIXES coming in. Just a reminder that Noita is still -20% until Thursday. HOTFIXES - Oct 20 2020 FEATURE: New biome modifier: shielded UPDATE: Removed one of Holy Mountain's statues as a homing target to make the exit feel more manageable BUGFIX: Crash - picking up an orb crashed the game, if language was set to Suomi BUGFIX: Slowdown - sometime save files caused the game to run extremely slow BUGFIX: Su...

Noita 1.0 - HOTFIXES - Oct 19 2020

Another set of Noita 1.0 🔥HOTFIXES🔥 coming through. The launch has been going great, and much to our surprises, nothing major has been broken. We're still fixing things. One good place to report bugs and to hang out with fellow Noita players is the Noita Discord channel . Here's one of our favorite Noita YouTubers, FuryForged, explaining new things in Noita 1.0. HOTFIXES - Oct 19 2020 FEATURE: New biome modifiers: gravity f...

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