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How many people play Outer Wilds? Outer Wilds has 608 players right now on Steam.
How many people watch Outer Wilds? Outer Wilds has 19 viewers and 6 channels right now on Twitch.
DataGain% ChangeDataGain% ChangeDataGain% Change
608--477 33 7.4% 514 68 15.3%
19 -12 -38.7% 33 -15 -31.2% 117 -46 -28.2%
6 -2 -25% 7 -3 -30% 10--


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Hearthian Introduction

(this is a crosspost) Hello everyone! Now that we have zipped through the solar system, we’re going to take a look at the playable characters alien race, the Hearthians. Hearthian Introduction The alien race known as the Hearthians are an amphibious race with four eyes, little sense of self preservation, and great curiosity for the outside world. Their home planet is Timber Hearth, which was discussed in a previous update. On their redwoods-inspired home planet, the Hearthians work together thro...

Brittle Hollow...Rocks!!!

(this is a crosspost) Hello everyone! We’re making our way to Brittle Hollow in this week’s developer update. Meaningful Play Our writer Kelsey Beachum will be presenting a talk at Meaningful Play this year, October 11 - 13th. This talk will address the challenges of writing for an open-world game and in telling a linear story through a nonlinear delivery. This would be an excellent talk to listen to for those who are interested in writing for video games! Details about the event can be found he...

E3 + VFX Development Update

(this is a crosspost from the Mobius website) Hello everyone! Before we get into our development update, we’d like to recap our E3 experience. E3 Recap We won one of the Rock Paper Shotgun’s Editors Choice Award 2018 and received two nominations from Game Informer for Best in Show 2018 and PC Gamer for Best of E3 2018. Thank you to all of you who made it out to E3 and for all the enthusiastic responses to everything we show! https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steamcommunity/public/images/clans/3234...

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