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How many people play Oxygen Not Included? Oxygen Not Included has 6.8k players right now on Steam.
How many people watch Oxygen Not Included? Oxygen Not Included has 393 viewers and 19 channels right now on Twitch.
DataGain% ChangeDataGain% ChangeDataGain% Change
6.8k--6.4k -599 -8.5% 6.9k 312 4.7%
393 -10 -2.5% 306 -56 -15.5% 305 -5 -1.6%
19 -1 -5% 24 -6 -20% 25 2 8.7%


Latest news

[Game Update] - 442154

Originally posted by ipsquiggle on the official forums. Hi friends! We’re making good progress on the DLC, which will be going into Early Access in December! In the meantime, we've got an update for the base version of Oxygen Not Included: The long requested Cloud Saves! This is something we’ve wanted to implement for a while, and we want to get this update out before Early Access starts as it will help support the coming D...

[Game Hotfix] - 420700

Hello everyone! Just a small patch before the weekend to fix a couple crashes. Have a good one! Fix crash if a SweepyDock is destroyed while Sweepy is trying to charge Fix crash when changing temperature units in the main menu Fix crash on some Windows systems when loading the game Decrease the brightness of Insulated Pipes / Insulated Vents. The prior color was making certain elements hard to see, notably Oxygen

[Game Update] Summer Patch Available Now! - 419840

Originally posted on the official forums by Ipsquiggle Hi friends! Can you believe Summer is here already? This Spring has really flown by! And now it's time for another patch. This update features fixes for some nasty heat creation/deletion issues as well as a fix for the "stuck digging forever" bug that's plagued us for years. More overlays are supported in the color blind modes, as well as a Storage-Compactor-full of oth...

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