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Huge Sale on Weapons and Shields This Weekend - Halloween Sale

New Skill Effects - Celestial Dominating Blow, Demonic Eye Banner Skin and Viper Molten Shell We've just introduced three new Skill Effects. Check them out if Dominating Blow, Molten Shell or Banner Skills are part of your build or click here to get yours. Huge Sale on Weapons and Shields This weekend we're running a sale on a huge selection of weapon skins, weapon effects and shields with more than 150 cosmetic effects available at discounted prices, including the Glimmerwood Shield, Void Weapo...

Hideout Competition

If you enjoy creating hideouts or have an interesting concept you'd like to recreate in Path of Exile, be sure to participate in our new hideout competition! The winners will be rewarded with awesome prizes, including physical items and lots of hideout decorations for further creations! Prize Pool Top Three Winners Custom avatar of a portion of the hideout Hideout Competition Winner Forum Badge Your choice of two Path of Exile T-shirts - (Chaos Orb, Shaper, Untainted Paradise or Solaris/Lunaris)...

Community Racing Event This Weekend

Community Race Organizers Brittleknee and Rex are teaming up to host an Alternate Start Duos event this weekend. It takes place over two days, where Day One is centred around strategy and preparation, and Day Two is the Alternate Start race itself. Racers will compete from A10 Kitava until they defeat Awakener at Awakening Level 5. Day One: October 23rd: 9:00PM (PDT) (countdown available here) Day Two: October 24th: 9:00PM (PDT) (countdown available here) This race is open to all Qualified Racer...

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