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Precipice 2.4.2 (Brezhnev) HOTFIX

Patch Notes Added a patch check. (This will hopefully fix 2.4.0+ issues until a new engine build comes in a week or two.) Added rendering settings (This will hopefully help anyone with flickering/jitter issues)

Precipice 2.4.1 (Brezhnev) HOTFIX

Patch Notes Fixed a crash in multiplayer. Fixed being able to rig elections in neutral countries. Also, if you are experiencing a crash as a result of this new patch, we've identified the issue which lies with the game engine. A solution is coming soon, but in the meantime we've put in place a very simple fix: Exit the game using the "Exit" button in the main menu. That will trigger a needed repair.

Precipice Update 2.4.0 (Brezhnev)

We've got some big news to share with you soon about Precipice, and in preparation for that, we're happy to roll out the Brezhnev Update. Note that this is a significant new update that is going to demand players revisit their old tried and true strategies. The biggest new addition is safeguarding and rigging democratic elections. You get the credit for this one. It was a great idea, and we couldn't bear to see it not implemented in your favorite Cold War diplomatic simulation. (insert bear pun ...

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