Precipice 2.4.2 (Brezhnev) HOTFIX

Patch Notes Added a patch check. (This will hopefully fix 2.4.0+ issues until a new engine build comes in a week or two.) Added rendering settings (This will hopefully help anyone with flickering/jitter issues)

Precipice 2.4.1 (Brezhnev) HOTFIX

Patch Notes Fixed a crash in multiplayer. Fixed being able to rig elections in neutral countries. Also, if you are experiencing a crash as a result of this new patch, we've identified the issue which lies with the game engine. A solution is coming soon, but in the meantime we've put in place a very simple fix: Exit the game using the "Exit" button in the main menu. That will trigger a needed repair.

Precipice Update 2.4.0 (Brezhnev)

We've got some big news to share with you soon about Precipice, and in preparation for that, we're happy to roll out the Brezhnev Update. Note that this is a significant new update that is going to demand players revisit their old tried and true strategies. The biggest new addition is safeguarding and rigging democratic elections. You get the credit for this one. It was a great idea, and we couldn't bear to see it not implemented in your favorite Cold War diplomatic simulation. (insert bear pun ...

Precipice 2.3.0

Players who are removed from power now experience the appropriate end screen, and not the nuclear holocaust that ensued previously. Added potential fix to a rendering bug for country actions. Fixed perk de-selection. Small improvement to AI.

Precipice Update 2.2.2

Added hide network address toggle button. Active by default.

Precipice Update 2.2.1 (Kennedy)

Fixed a crash on multiplayer when a player selected the Laika perk. "Columbia" now correctly reads as "Colombia". Fixed a crash when attempting to load a game save without selection. Fixed player stats showing incorrectly. Fixed achievements "I AM BECOME DEATH" and "TWO MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT".. Fixed bug creating issues for online ranks. Toned down AI escalations slightly.

Precipice Update 2.2.0 (Kennedy)

Fixed: Turkey not being in NATO on Land Rush. Fixed: Not being able to select Venezuela during the Tutorial. Civil unrest now increases at a faster rate. AI made a little bolder -- less likely to back-down. Players now can select the agent that is being deployed. Tutorial updated to explain this. Bugfix: AI more willing to nuke the player than before. Bugfix: Ability to win by your opponent being removed from power while attempting to launch WMDs upon your nation restored to the game. The likeli...

Precipice Update 2.1.1 (Kennedy)

Patch Notes * Fixed camera zoom out on turn end. * Martial Law no longer eliminates troops. * Fixed mouse wheel zoom while UI window open. * Fixed mouse wheel zoom on match end (nuclear war or country collapsed). * Fixed an edge case when checking requirements for global events. * Fixed agent bonus display not being updated on action success. * Fixed France's stability displays on different zoom levels. * Removed USSR victory points progress bar on American Hell.

Precipice Update 2.1 (Kennedy)

Patch Notes Added camera zoom in/out using mouse wheel Adjusted match history log to prevent displaying the scroll bar (might still appear under some edge conditions). Repaired bugged Steam achievements SMERSH, CONTAINMENT and UNITE GERMANY.

Precipice Update 2.0 (Kennedy)

It is with great pride and relief that we're able to present to you a complete overhaul of Precipice. We went down to the very codebase itself and rebuilt absolutely everything from the ground up in an effort that took...eight months? Can that really be right? Here's what you need to know: the multiplayer is now stable -- we've handled network events in a new way using new engine features that were not available to us previously. We have listened to your requests and taken into consideration wha...

Precipice Update 1.3.7 (Petrov)

We had put out a major update that appears to have caused problems with Steam. The game has been regressed back to 1.3.6 until we find out what happened.

Precipice Update 1.3.6 (Petrov)

* Sabotage actions now deduct action points on failure. * AI no longer takes 6-7 actions in a turn. (These are technically the same issue...)

Precipice Update 1.3.5 (Petrov)

* Perk UI now shows correct information for "Doomsday Clock". * Soviet players are no longer told incorrectly whose turn it is.

Precipice Update 1.3.4 (Petrov)

* Bugfix: Very ugly AI bug where after backing down from a challenge, the AI would take two turns is resolved. The same bug often resulted in an identity crisis, where the player could be blamed for the AI's actions. This bug appeared to have been introduced very recently as part of the Petrov update.

Precipice Update 1.3.3 (Petrov)

* Bugfix: Completing Sputnik track of space race was conferring benefit to the wrong side. * Bugfix: Game chat no longer interferes with lens selection.