Prodigal - quick facts

How many people play Prodigal? Prodigal has 3 players right now on Steam.
How many people watch Prodigal? Prodigal has 3 viewers and 1 channels right now on Twitch.
DataGain% ChangeDataGain% ChangeDataGain% Change
3 -1 -25% 4 1 33.3% 4 2 100%
3--11 4 57.1% 11 -44 -80%


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New Haunted House and Romance Path!

"This place makes me uneasy. . . I shouldn't be here." Maybe finding secrets is a good thing? Hmm... and how do I get into that house near Castle Vann without a key? There is a rumor of some haunted tunnels that run underneath the Castle, maybe I should check there? And that Tess girl, didn't she want some kind of shipment from Esterosa? Maybe I should check the shipping port, I know packages always got lost in that big bui...

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