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How many people play Pummel Party? Pummel Party has 2.3k players right now on Steam.
How many people watch Pummel Party? Pummel Party has 8.1k viewers and 49 channels right now on Twitch.
DataGain% ChangeDataGain% ChangeDataGain% Change
2.3k--1.5k -254 -14.8% 1.9k 170 9.9%
8.1k 3.8k 89.6% 858 -1.2k -59.2% 1.4k 253 22.1%
49 -1 -2% 24 -6 -20% 30--


Latest news

New Map, New Minigames, Workshop Teaser plus more

Update 1.9.1 Version 1.9.1 the newest update for Pummel party is here! Bringing exciting new content for everyone to enjoy. Find out all the details on this and future updates in the post below. Overgrowth Map Explore the overgrown ruins of this ancient temple in our newest map "Overgrowth". This map also includes a new chest mechanic that presents three chests in a shell type game where the player has to follow the chest co...

New Items, Translations, Minigames, Cosmetics and more

Update 1.8.1 Hey everyone! Lets dive into the latest update for Pummel Party version 1.8.1. This update includes exciting new content, fixes and improvements check out the details below. Weapons Cache With this update we have added a new interactive board element called the "Weapons Cache Space" this space gives the first player to reach it one of the four new powerful items described below, the space then despawns for three...

Pummel Awards, Minigames, Rulesets, Game Statistics & More

Update 1.7.1 Hey everyone! We're back again with another update for Pummel Party. Todays update brings us to version 1.7.1 and includes both feature and content updates. Pummel Awards With this update we've added a new feature called 'The Pummel Awards' this is an update to the core board game mode that makes the last few turns of a game more interesting. Throughout the game we track certain statistics and then at the end of...

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