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Alpha Devlog #30

Hey there Space Cadets! This month I’ve been working on finishing up the platforming portion of the game. Getting very close now. None of that stuff is really ready to be shown, plus some of it is end game, don’t want to spoil anything, right? Since platforming is almost out of alpha, my attention is slowly turning to… Space! The final frontier! I have to say I’m pretty excited about this, lots of ideas and things to implement so be sure to check back here often. But for now here’s a little tast...

Alpha Devlog #29

Hello Space Cadets, I hope January treated you well. Let’s take a quick look at what is new in Raygun Gadabout. Mechanics Introduced a Shield Break mechanic to the game. Basically if you abuse your shield and allow it to hit zero energy it will break and you won’t be able to use it until it refills to full again. This should encourage more tapping and less spamming. There is a Badge called unbreakable shield that you can equip to avoid this. The Unbreakable Shield (not necessarily the final name...

Devlog #28

Hello Space Cadets, This update is coming a bit late. Been very very busy. December being the holidays things slowed down a tad but I’ve been focusing on greyboxing out the the last parts of the game. What is greyboxing you might ask??? It’s the process of roughing out a level using basic shapes and often unfinished art. It’s really important for testing and allows quicker iteration. You also don’t risk wasting time prettying things up with art that you end up having to trash when your level tur...

Devlog #27

Hello Space Cadets! What's new? Raygun Gadabout was at MEGA+MIGS 2019 in Montreal in mid November. It was a full four days of expo goodness, suffice to say by the end of it I had no voice left. The feedback was very positive and I'm really excited to be back working on the game. I've even incorporated a bunch of that feedback goodness into the game. I'm very excited about what's coming up. For now here are some photos I snapped from the show. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/32462473/bf1230f503a4dd7cf853bffe1...

Devlog #26

Welcome all Space Cadets, Here’s an overview of some of the stuff that is new to the game this month. This is a lot of the nice and juicy things. There’s lots of behind the scenes/under the hood stuff that I spent a lot of time on that we can skip. A reminder that Raygun Gadabout will be at MIGS+MEGA 2019 in Montreal from November 16-19. Be sure to come say hi if you are there! Now shall we proceed? New NPC Added a new NPC to the game. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/32462473/9ace16b6d3aba2ce7cd6c4c39d38504d...

Devlog #25

Hello Space Cadets, Here’s a quick update for what is new in Raygun Gadabout since last time. FY-1 Bot Created a helpful bot that dishes out hints and tips on how to play the game. Previous hints were triggered, how you can choose to check them out or ignore them. Planet Orbits When you orbit a planet the camera now lowers and pulls back. This helps differentiate the view from the regular when when flying around. Less likel...

Devlog #24 (Loot!)

Hey fellow Space Cadets, Here’s an update on what’s new since last month. Loot Artwork The loot pickup system is in place and I wanted to have some artwork for the drops. These are still a work in progress. Loot you pickup can be used to upgrade your Badges. Badges give you passive bonuses like having more damage output or making your shield last longer. You can combine certain loot to upgrade your badges to be more effecti...

Devlog #23 (New Trailer)

Hello Space Cadets, A new trailer and a revamp came to the Steam Store page this month. A new month also means another devlog. You can check that out and what else is new by following the link below. NEW DEV LOG POST.

Devlog #22 (Planets and Mechanics)

Hey there space cadets! This Month's Updates Check out the latest blog post detailing some of the progress in Raygun Gadabout since last month. We have new planets and some updated mechanics, and check out some weirdo alien NPCs. LINK! Join the Official Discord As always feel free to come by and say hello on the Raygun Gadabout Discord. Have a nice day!

Devlog #21 (In Control)

Hey there Space Cadets, New Monthly Devlog is up! Wanna know what's new with the game? Check out the devlog Join the Discord And a reminder to come check out all the exciting updates and be part of an upcoming ALPHA TEST on the Raygun Gadabout Discord!!

Devlog #20 (Beware the Space Pirates)

Hey there space cadets, What's New? Here's a new devlog for you. Meet Melish and Senf, villainous and scummy space pirates. You'll have to be quick on your feet to survive a close quarters fight with these guys. Watch out for Melish's explosive eggs. Senpf can attack you with his powerful laser gun and then take the fight up close as he charges you. Check out the FULL blog pos...

Devlog #19 (Double the Potamo == Double the Fun!)

Hello Space Cadets, What's New? Here's an update on the development progress of Raygun Gadabout. Check it out! We've got WAVE BATTLES! ASTEROIDS! and MAPS, ooooh ya maps! Check it out! Devlog #19

Join the Official Discord! Closed Alpha Access!

Hey there Space Cadets! Raygun Gadabout has a Discord Server! You should check it out. Here are some of the perks! Priority access to the Limited Closed Alpha (coming soon!) Help shape the game, join discussions and give feedback to the devs Behind the scenes posts, concept art and discussions Click the link to join! Everyone is welcome. RAYGUN GADABOUT DISCORD LINK Feel free ...

Raygun Gadabout is LIVE on Kickstarter! Time for Blast Off!

Raygun Gadabout is now on Kickstarter! Help support the game and bring it to life by pledging on Kickstarter or spreading the word! KICKSTARTER LINK cheers, -M.