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How many people play Refunct? Refunct has 5 players right now on Steam.
DataGain% ChangeDataGain% ChangeDataGain% Change
5--5 -3 -37.5% 7--


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Refunct Update 11.2

Hey guys, a small patch has just gone live: Fixed losing momentum on step-ups in rare cases This so called "edge glitch" has been by far the most requested fix by the passionate Refunct speedrun community. Also Refunct was released five years ago. Thank you so much for your support!❤️ To celebrate you can pay what you want (starting at 0$) to download Refunct's soundtrack by Singto Conley in high-quality MP3 or FLAC. Thank ...

Refunct out on Consoles

It's surreal that Refunct is now available on newer versions of consoles that I originally grew up with. Thanks for the huge support of each and everyone of you! Refunct on Nintendo Switch Refunct on Xbox One Refunct on PlayStation 4 Also the Refunct Discord has been officially verified. Come say hi to the welcoming community and chat about Refunct and more. Thank you! - Dominique

Refunct Update 11

Hi all, Refunct Update 11 is out improving movement, controller input, performance and more: Improved controller movement and aiming Improved performance by optimizing meshes and materials Improved settings gamepad/keyboard navigation Increased collectible collect radius Increased max grounded step-up height slightly Increased max mid-air step-up height slightly Increased ghost jump time slightly Fixed crouched step-up collision issues in rare cases Fixed clipping...

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