Music progress update

Hey everyone! I've been working on new music for Retro and am working on replacing the music for the main menu, Zombies and Ball Protectors. The main menu music is finished, so I replaced it and while I work on the music for Zombies and Ball Protectors, I have replaced their music with the Sector Breach and Dogfight music until new songs are written. Thanks for your patience, -Matthew Bridgeman

Retro August 23-28, 2020 update notes

Arcade: -Removed the requirement for players to reach a certain score to unlock the next game -Increased the player fire rate for Dogfight -Story: -Decreased score requirements for each game: Unlocking Ball Protectors: 500 -> 400 Unlocking Submariner: 300 -> 200 Unlocking Sector Breach: 1000 -> 500 Unlocking Dogfight: 800 -> 500 Corrupted Zombies Story Trigger: 500 -> 400 Corrupted Ball Protectors Story Trigger:: 300 -> 200 Corrupted Submariner Story Trigger: 1000 -> 500 Corrupted Sector Breach ...

Retro June 7th update

Hey everyone! Recently, I've been making a few changes behind the scenes for retro. You shouldn't notice much except for a small performance boost. Here are the (short) patch notes: Cleaned up some scripts to be better optimized and perform better. Update to how high scores are changed. (Shouldn't affect gameplay) The main menu now has announcements that will say certain things on certain days of the year. (e.g. Halloween or New Year's) The story has become better optimized. A lot of code has be...

Retro has graduated from Early Access!

Retro is now officially released and 40% off! Get it while it's on sale! It's been a long and tiresome process working on Retro, but I've loved every minute of it and I hope everyone who plays it has as much fun playing it as I had making it! If you run into any bugs or issues while playing, you can email me at [email protected] and I'll get right to work on a fix! If Retro does well enough, I may even consider adding a new minigame or two! Have fun everyone, -Matthew Bridgeman

Retro is now in Early Access!

Retro is now in early access and is currently 20% off! Get it while it's on sale!