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Final fluids update teaser + release date

Yo! So, as we've mentioned before we've been working on a minor update to the game that we've previously said was coming early November. I dunno what to tell you but we messed up and the release date for the minor update will be October 27, 2020 on Experimental. Also we showcased some of the new stuff coming in that update in our latest teaser trailer over on our YouTube Channel so check that out if ya feel like it! It's got ladders!!! Until next time! Snutter

Fluid Update Teaser

Hey y'all! We're planning to get a minor content update out to the game which will give you an update to fluids in the game. We're hoping to get this update out some time late October/early November. So very soon™! Between then and now we'll be doing some teasers on our YouTube channel of some of the coming stuff in the minor update, Starting this week! 👀 Until next time, have a good one! /Snutter

Patch Notes: Early Access - v0.3.5.6 - Build 131382

Hi Pioneers! The EOS SDK upgrade from our last Experimental patch seems to be stable (any issues with connecting that you might have experienced were related to the EOS servers not our code update) and we’ve fixed the disappearance of the Korean font. That means we are pushing this update live to Early Access and Experimental now! If you’re having issues during startup connecting online in the game, you can check the status on Epic Online Services here: Friendly rem...

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