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How many people play Shakes and Fidget? Shakes and Fidget has 753 players right now on Steam.
DataGain% ChangeDataGain% ChangeDataGain% Change
753--988 -1.6k -61.6% 2.5k -184 -6.8%


Latest news

Black Friday Update, Event and New World

Hello heroes! BLACK FRIDAY, the traditional highlight of the season, is just around the corner! Get ready for our UPDATE including the brand-new Mannequin. Full list of new featues, changes and fixed bugs below. * Moreover, there will be an EVENT with everything on all servers from Friday, November 27, to Sunday: more XP, more gold, more epic items (level 50+ required), more forest rarities, a +20% more mushrooms sale at the mushroom dealer and of course you will only find black gems in the gem ...

Gold Event

Hello heroes! We will have our GOLD EVENT with a higher gold reward for quests and the city guard from Friday to Sunday! Have a nice weekend!

Epic Event and Friday the 13th Pet

Hello heroes! We will have our EPIC EVENT from Friday to Sunday! This means an increased chance of those awesome items in the shops if you're level 50 or higher. Moreover, you can collect Angrack, the rare Friday the 13th pet (shadow #18), in Rotten Lands tomorrow after unlocking it in the pet habitat. Have a nice weekend!

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