Sign of Silence
Sign of Silence

Sign of Silence

Sign of Silence - quick facts

How many people play Sign of Silence? Sign of Silence has 17 players right now on Steam.
How many people watch Sign of Silence? Sign of Silence has 11 viewers and 4 channels right now on Twitch.
DataGain% ChangeDataGain% ChangeDataGain% Change
17 8 88.9% 13 -1 -7.1% 17 -7 -29.2%
11 4 57.1% 9 -19 -67.9% 22 -16 -42.1%
4 1 33.3% 4 2 100% 2 -1 -33.3%


Latest news

Optimization and performance

Good afternoon, our dear players! Halloween is over and it's time for us to take off our holiday outfits and clean up the scattered pumpkins. We hope you have a lot of fun during your Halloween celebration! But, in addition to ending the Halloween event, this update also introduces what many of you have been waiting for - game optimizations and performance increases! As well as other changes, but first things first. Performance improvements a lot of work has been done to optimize the game the sy...

Halloween update

We are so excited to present you a new themed Halloween update! In which the mood of this gloomy but cheerful holiday was carried over to our game world. Let's tell you more about the new products: Halloween Event - ominous pumpkins appeared on the map, which can be lit - some enemies became pumpkin monsters by putting a pumpkin on their heads - players changed into festive halloween costumes New game mechanics - added the ability to revive killed friends! - a new pick-up item has appeared - a s...

Voice chat

In our next update, we have eliminated many problems and errors, as well as added something long-awaited: Added voice chat - according to your numerous requests, we have added a built-in voice chat (by default, holding the " V " button to talk) Game innovations - added a new kind of enemy - female spruter - a house was opened in the Northern Mines location, which was previously closed Improved game interface - added the ability to override the keys used for movement (important for those using AZ...

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