Spelunky 2
Spelunky 2

Spelunky 2

DataGain% ChangeDataGain% ChangeDataGain% Change
1.2k 97 8.8% 1.8k -410 -18.9% 2k -312 -13.3%
213 -69 -24.5% 2.8k 509 22.6% 2.2k -854 -27.7%
23 4 21.1% 47 5 11.9% 42 -1 -2.3%
Patch Notes: 1.14.0

Patch notes 1.13.1a (W64) → 1.14.0 (W64): Achievements should now be working again Reduced memory usage at during initial load Patch notes 1.13.0b (W64) → 1.13.1a (W64): Prevented pets from entering through closed doors. Fixed crash when a pet touches a specific closed world door. Fixed "Start with bots" and "Quick Select" button icons on the keyboard Fixed blocked path in a certain tidepool level when playing coop with a dead player Mounts should once again fit into gaps easily Fixed single-gap...

Patch Notes: 1.13.0b

Patch notes 1.13.0a (W64) → 1.13.0b (W64): Fixed issue where floating with the Vlad's cape didn't let the player climb or grab on to ledges Fixed crawling down to ledges Patch notes 1.12.1e (W64) → 1.13.0a (W64): Fixed lots of blocked passages Small physics tweak that should make the player less likely to be unjustly crushed Players can now fall through platforms and attack immediately Players can now fall through platforms while attacking Players can now jump while climbing even if they were in...

Patch Notes: 1.12.1e

Patch notes 1.12.0b (W64) → 1.12.1e (W64): Updated FMOD to address a memory leak Fixed stuttering in some HDD setups Prevented journal from opening using TAB when the SHIFT key is pressed Display non-remappable buttons to the keyboard controls screen as help Fixed issue where non damaging visual FX were bigger than damaging ones Attacking but not dealing damage will now use a hopefully clearer VFX Language switch is no longer saved unless the player applies it Prevented the ankh from removing th...

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