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Star Wars: Squadrons

Pilot Briefing: Holiday Supply Drops

Humbled. That’s the word of the hour for all of us on the team. The outpouring of support you’ve all shown us has truly been humbling. When we set out to make Star Wars™: Squadrons, the team had a singular vision: make the next great starfighter experience. We wanted to honour the classic games that came before us and provide everything to our players from the start in a nice, neat package. But then, we showed the game to everyone and the reception was so much more than we could have hoped for. ...

Update 2.1 Release Notes

Story Fixed an issue where the players view could get locked in place and become unresponsive

Update 2.0 Release Notes

Hey, pilots, Following the release of some goodies based on The Mandalorian, we have a pretty large update that will provide a ton of great fixes, balancing improvements, and quality of life changes, much of which are based on your feedback. To start things off, we’ve introduced a new mechanic for how matchmaking and lobbies work in our game. Here’s the rundown from Dan Kim, our Senior Systems Designer: Dan: A new forfeit system has been implemented for Fleet Battles, replacing the old "Safe to ...

Rank 0, Framerate cap, and more fixes within!

Hey, pilots, About a week ago, we deployed a very brief server-side maintenance and have confirmed that it has resolved the issue with players getting stuck at rank 0. However, this only prevents people from being affected moving forward, and players who are currently stuck in this state are still affected. Thankfully, we have a fix en route and wanted to give you all a heads up! In Update 2.0 next week, we’ll be providing all players with the option to reset their rank. This means players unaff...


Fall in, pilots. We’ve received a critical transmission from our allies in outlying sectors. The Mandalorian Season 2 is upon us! In preparation for the much-anticipated second season, we’ve flown in a frigate to provide you all with a themed supply drop! ] We've worked with Lucasfilm to bring a few Mando-themed goodies to Star Wars™: Squadrons. The Mandalorian is something that has often been a source of inspiration for us...

Update 1.2 Release Notes

Hey pilots, First off, thank you so much to all the pilots who have been playing Fleet Battles, providing us with feedback, and enjoying the game while we work through a few issues. It’s been great to see! Right now, we’re tracking three main issues with our Fleet Battles mode and we’re working on each diligently. Thankfully, if you’re newer to the game, you should be less likely to run into the first issue due to a recent update. With that said, we understand the frustration this has caused for...

Accolades Trailer

The critics agree: #StarWarsSquadrons is an experience like no other. Become an ace pilot today Watch the trailer by clicking below

Update 1.1 Release Notes

Release Notes Link BUG FIXES & IMPROVEMENTS Fleet Battles Ranks Fixed an issue where players could not be correctly placed in a rank after initial placement matches Players who have not started their placement matches will be able to place normally Players who have started their placement matches will have their remaining matches use the corrected system (There will be no rank resets at this time) Controls Added options in the menu called “Controller Global Deadzone" and "Flight Stick Global Dea...


Push your piloting career into hyperdrive and become a galactic ace with these handy Star Wars™: Squadrons tips. COMBAT TIPS Get briefed on everything from managing your starfighter’s power distribution to taking down enemy capital ships. CUSTOMIZATION TIPS Get briefed on how to get new components and cosmetic items for your starfighters and pilots. GAMEPLAY TIPS Get briefed on starfighter controls, communication, and how to team up with other pilots. LOADOUT TIPS Get briefed on how to tailor an...

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Meet one of the ace pilots you’ll fly alongside in Star Wars™: Squadrons in this original standalone CG short, made in collaboration by Motive Studios, Lucasfilm, and Industrial Light and Magic.


Welcome back, pilots. It’s been great to see the discussions you’ve all been having about Squadrons in the wake of the gameplay reveal. The team has been thrilled by the reception so far and we can’t wait for you to strap in at launch! Today, though, we wanted to get into the heart of this game: the starfighters and their core functions. You’ll have eight starfighters at your disposal: ● T-65B X-wing starfighter ● BTL-A4 Y-wing assault starfighter/bomber ● RZ-1 A-wing interceptor ● UT-60D U-wing...

Learn more about STAR WARS™: SQUADRONS in our first ever Pilot Briefing!

Learn more at the link below. PILOT BRIEFING GAMEPLAY OVERVIEW What is Star Wars™: Squadrons? It’s a first-person team-based starfighter combat game set a few months after Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, simulating the iconic space battles from Star Wars like never before! In the wake of the destruction of the Empire’s second Death Star, the Rebel Alliance has reformed into the New Republic. Despite their climactic victory over the forest moon of Endor, though, the war is not over. Sta...

STAR WARS™: SQUADRONS Gameplay Trailer

Watch the new STAR WARS™: SQUADRONS Gameplay Trailer that was shown during EA Play Live.