State of Mind
State of Mind

State of Mind

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State of Mind Patch 1.20 available now!

Patchnotes program... initializing. Ready! Our development team prepared a patch for State of Mind, fixing a couple of issues that were found and reported over the past weeks. To assure the best gameplay experience, we highly recommend installing this patch. Patch Notes Dialogue Logic Fixed some logical issues in dialogues Dialogue Camera Fixed several small issues with dynamic dialogue cameras Localization Corrected wrong ticker texts Corrected several inconsistent dates Added a few missing tex...

State of Mind released!

We did it again! A new captivating story from Daedalic Entertainment, a never-been-there plot, is ready to be released. And we couldn't be happier! In State of Mind, you can dive into a not-so-surreal version of our world in the year 2048 and uncover and unprecedented story of separation, disjuncture and reunification, written by the well-known Interactive Writer and Designer Martin Ganteföhr. Unravel the story while playing multiple characters such as Richard Nolan, one of the only journalists ...

Final release date and story trailer

Great news: Today, we proudly present you the first story trailer for State of Mind. It'll give you a glimpse of the story around Richard Nolan, Adam Newman and what is going on in Berlin 2048. We're looking forward to read what you think! Watch the new story trailer right now: State of Mind will release on August, 15th 2018.

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