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Stone Story RPG

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Halloween Loot Event 2020 (and StoneJam 3)

Special Halloween Event: 2x Loot The spirits of the Dark World have become most festive! From now until November 2nd Stone Story RPG will be running a 2x Loot Event. Complete runs in the Haunted Halls to earn this extra loot (which also includes 2x Lost Item drops). If you missed out on Challenge Event III and don’t yet possess the titanic Blade of the Fallen God, now’s your chance to find it in Delta Treasures! If you alre...

ASCII Animation Tutorial Stream is Live!

Come see how the ASCII magic gets made and join standardcombo on his Twitch stream for a hands-on tutorial behind the principles of ASCII animation. Pick up tips and tricks that went into creating Stone Story RPG’s unique artstyle. (Unable to join the stream? Don’t worry! It’ll be recorded and uploaded afterwards.) You can also follow alongside the process with this handy guide:

The Titanic Update: Now Available

A Giant Rises… From his earthen tomb emerges the Fallen God, the once-feared-now-flayed titan, Pallas. His impenetrable skin long since peeled away by the giant spider Bolesh, replaced by patient vindictiveness. Your arrival and evident thirst for loot presents a unique opportunity. A gift is forged! Will you take the Blade and embrace its power? Challenge Event III From October 10th until October 18th, Stone Story RPG will...

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